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Unrivalled Azure managed services dedicated to protecting your data and your investment

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The power of Azure with the peace of mind that comes from being in expert hands.

Our approach to Managed Azure is unparalleled in its flexibility, thanks to our managed service tiered design. We take a mentorship role, helping you optimize your Azure usage and, if you prefer, become more self-sufficient.

Our Azure experts are available 24/7 to help you manage, move, store and secure your critical data.

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At every level, Aptum's got your back

Regardless of which tier is best for you and your business, you get the following as standard:​

Adaptability Adapt the level of Azure managed services with your changing needs on your cloud journey
Cloud Expertise Access to Microsoft certified cloud experts to support your migration and modernization projects
Cloud Advisors Ongoing access to cloud advisors to guide you through your cloud journey
Cloud Operations 24x7 access to support from Microsoft certified cloud experts to take care of monitoring, network configuration, OS updates and patches
Continuous Optimization Continuous insight and optimization of cloud costs, security and compliance controls

Reduce complexity, accelerate transformation and optimize your cloud investments

Choose from 3 tiers depending on your requirements and where you are on your cloud journey. There’s no lock-in to any particular Azure Managed Service tier during your contract, so you can flex your level of managed services according to your needs.

What's included
  • Cloud Marketplace Procurement
  • Subscription Management and Cloud Billing Support
  • Online Service Request Portal
  • Cloud Platform Service Availability and Health Monitoring
  • Cloud Cost Insights and Utilization Dashboard
  • Cloud Advisory Services
  • Cloud Health Check Assessment
  • 24x7 Escalation Management for Azure Platform
Bottom Line
If you have a robust IT team but just need to fill some skill gaps, such as expertise in Microsoft or Professional Services, this option provides low-cost reactive managed services and tools, on a pay-per-ticket basis.
What's included
  • Everything included in our Foundation tier, plus...
  • Cost Optimization Assessment
  • Platform, Operating System (OS) & Services Monitoring
  • Patching and Update Management
  • Backup & System Recovery
  • Cloud Adoption Services Requests
  • 24x7x365 Azure Services Technical Support
Bottom Line
If you lack cloud operating skills this option offers a more hands-on service from Aptum. It includes limited proactive monitoring and triaging issues, together with guidance from our experts so you can implement the right solution quickly and efficiently.​
What's included
  • Everything included in our Advanced tier, plus...
  • 24x7x365 Cloud Operating System Support
  • Workload Protection
  • Cloud Security Insights
  • Assigned Cloud Account Advisory Team
  • SLA on Aptum Certified Solutions
  • OS Management (enabling augmentation of your environment)
Bottom Line
If you are looking to offload cloud operations and optimization, this option provides a fully outsourced cloud management service with Aptum proactively driving continuous optimization and modernization, allowing you to focus on your business and digital transformation.​
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Benefits of Aptum's Managed Azure Services

  • Relax and enjoy Industry-leading flexibility.

    Whether you’re a mature business or a start-up company, Managed Microsoft Azure services will flex to accommodate your business operations today and the future.​
  • Trust our experts to navigate the Microsoft support process for you.

    Remove any concerns that all solutions are based on best practices ,that consider resiliency, security and performance while still being tailored to your specific needs.
  • Leveraging the best technology for each use-case.

    Our recommended solutions are unbiased because we’re vendor agnostic. So you get a trusted advisor and partner with no agenda apart from maximizing your cloud investment and business outcomes.
  • Take advantage of our buying power across all infrastructure.

    We’re committed to minimizing waste by moving spend between platforms as your business needs change over time.
  • Test and deploy new technologies with our certified Professional Services team.

    Our technical teams are dedicated to keeping on top of and being fully certified on new cloud services, allowing our customers access to impartial advice and recommendations.
  • Investment Portability.

    Save money with our Investment Portability feature that ensures you don’t pay for two solutions while you migrate.
  • Built on 20+ years of managing, optimizing and securing data infrastructure across over 10,000+ servers and 14,000+ devices for more than 25,000 customers in over 60 countries,

    you can be sure there’s an expert to match your business needs.
  • Additional Azure Support Plans

    A pre-purchased block of hours that can be drawn on to complete project-based work that can span multiple months with a defined end period.
    • Project-based work that spans multiple months
    • Simple projects (No SOW or Project Manager)
    • Pre-purchased block of hours
    • Hours tracked monthly
    • Hours roll over to completion
    • Unused hours expire after 3 months
    • 10 Hours
    • 20 Hours
    • 50 Hours
    • 100 Hours
    Blocks of “per month” hours purchased for a designated term (6 or 12 month term available) and used on a monthly basis that are designed to augment your cloud operations or provide on-demand cloud expertise to your teams for support, configuration changes, performance optimization, or other tasks as required.
    • Augment cloud operations
    • Provide on-demand cloud expertise
    • Monthly increments purchased for a designated term
    • 6 or 12 month term options available
    • Monthly hours renew each calendar month
    • Hours do not roll over from month to month
    • 4 Hours
    • 8 Hours
    • 12 Hours
    • 20 Hours
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    "Our Technical Account Managers at Aptum have always been fantastic with their availability. They jump on a task at a moment’s notice and immediately understand the problem, which has allowed us to focus on delivering our business outcomes."
    -Glyn Porritt, Technical Services Manager at Adam Matthew Digital
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