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Building and running a cloud operations team can be challenging.

  • Requires a culture and mindset shift to a new mode of working
  • Requires new skillsets that can be hard to find
  • Can carry risk and cost if not implemented correctly

DevOps addresses the traditional conflict of interest between development and operations and encourages collaboration amongst teams and puts new skills into action.

Whether your team already applies DevOps principles or if you are just beginning the journey, Aptum can help you implement a world-class DevOps workflow.

We start by reviewing your application portfolio, business impact, technical risks, and the path (and gaps) to DevOps, incorporating best practices and cloud native development. From there we provide you with a comprehensive report showing where you are and what gaps in your process that may need to be addressed.

We then provision a tailored DevOps environment for you that fits in with your development and delivery practices. We also provide continuous monitoring service.

Let your application developers focus on their product and let our experienced DevOps team manage and maintain your DevOps environment. Focus on innovation and let us support your 24/7 operations.

Managed DevOps
Tailored DevOps platforms for your business, running on highly reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure, and an experienced team, to monitor and support the day-to-day operations of your application platform 24/7.
Workshops and assessment
DevOps technology workshops and a DevOps Platform and Practices Assessment familiarizes you with our service and to evaluate your development environment. We then make recommendations and design a tailored DevOps environment for you.
Personalized professional services
Call on us at any time for detailed advice on managing, changing, or scaling your development and operations platform.
Augmented support
Have a question or a problem? Our expert advisors are available 24/7 to solve your problem and get you back to delivering world class service.

DevOps Methodologies Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Managed DevOps methodologies help with collaboration throughout the software delivery cycle.
This has been shown to drive:

lower change failure rates
*Source: State of DevOps Report 2019: DevOps Not a Trend, The Standard! – Veritis (Blog)
more frequent code deployments
faster lead time from commit to deploy

Managed DevOps Service in Action

Managed DevOps philosophies, practices, and tools can align culture and decision-making processes to improve the speed of innovation.

Hybrid Cloud and DevOps on Azure

Hybrid Cloud and DevOps on Azure


Radio and media broadcaster, ~500 employees.


Maximize feature velocity and efficiency on software project. Goal is to have the developers focused on developing and managing their code instead of learning to build out a hybrid cloud application platform.


  • Hybrid cloud adoption with 24×7 DevOps managed services
  • Support for continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline
  • Fast ramp to adopting container technologies on top of Microsoft Azure
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