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Public vs Private?
Data Residency vs Near-Unlimited Scalability?
Performance vs Cost?

Aptum’s Multi-Tenant Cloud is a powerful virtual data center that brings all these benefits together and strengthens your existing cloud setup.

Our expertly managed infrastructure gives you:

Top benefits of private cloud, like security, residency, and control


Public cloud’s scalability, flexibility, and cost savings

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Why Aptum’s Multi-Tenant Cloud?

locations iconKnow where your data residesSatisfy data residency requirements by storing your data in the region where you need it. With governance and multiple redundancies built into the platform—and hosting options in the US, UK, or Canada—MTC brings you data sovereignty and peace of mind.
Consumption billing iconPay only for what you useSay goodbye to cost and resource leakages. With MTC, find the exact configuration you need, and scale up or down on-demand, adding or removing virtual machines from your data centers as your needs evolve—or the market changes.
managed draas iconMitigate disruptions as you modernizeMTC is a solution that supports your journey to the cloud as you work through the modernization of your applications. Adapt it to your resource needs by choosing the right configuration (e.g. CPU, memory, disk, etc.) to support your specific applications.
24 x 7 monitoring  iconGet 24/7/365 support from expertsCustomer service shouldn’t rely on bots. Aptum’s MTC comes with foundational level support from our team of experts, who are ready to help answer your questions.
Ideal IT model iconEnjoy best-in-class technologyEnterprise-grade, industry-leading tech from VMware and Dell, redundancy at the network, hypervisor, and storage subsystem levels, plus DDoS protection and a resilient managed infrastructure included as standard? Now that is technology you can trust!

73% of the companies surveyed in our latest Cloud Impact Study had an unexpected increase in cloud computing IT costs. And a key solution to these cost leak issues is choosing the correct consumption model for your business.

Aptum’s MTC puts you in the driver’s seat. Hit the ground running with virtual machines that are ready to deploy or customize your infrastructure as much or as little as you need.

Drive your data with Aptum

MTC lets you cloud smarter, with benefits like:

  • Greater control
    Configure your system settings for optimal performance through your one-lens portal.

    Scale up or down on demand, choose from Standard, Hybrid or Performance storage tiers, and provision and deploy virtual machines to build an IT environment customized to your business and operational needs.
  • Cost savings
    Eliminate unnecessary costs with our consumption-based pricing model, and choose whichever of our 3 storage tiers best aligns with your budget.

    Don’t worry about ingress and egress traffic driving up costs - bandwidth usage comes free of charge.
  • Flexible solutions
    Scale your solution rapidly, making dynamic decisions in response to market or business fluctuations.

    Drive scripted deployments within your environment and enjoy the freedom to deploy Infrastructure as Code with access to our APIs for automation.
  • Enhanced security
    Keep tabs on your environment with your easy-to-access portal.

    See at any time who’s made changes, deployed a virtual machine, or removed something within your virtual data center.
  • Customization
    Choose from a wide array of operating systems and templates to fit your needs,

    Or if you would prefer, just create your own.
  • Elasticity
    Benefit from the elasticity of public cloud—but with Aptum’s support team.

    Adapt to workload changes quickly with horizontal and vertical scaling capabilities.
  • Visibility
    Track your data and gain analytical insight into your usage patterns and environment.

    Aggregate your costs within the platform for a more holistic view, helping you to cost-optimize your solutions.
  • Resilience
    Maximize uptime thanks to the multiple layers of redundancy within the server architecture, SAN storage, and network.

    Rely on our expert-managed infrastructure to keep you connected and responsive to your business needs.
  • Reliability
    Guard against drive failures, enable quick recovery, and protect against accidents with multiple tiers of data protection.

    Rest easy with our guaranteed service levels and backup options.

Aptum’s proven approach to Data as Infrastructure™ ensures your data is on the right cloud, for the right reasons.

If we've learned anything from our 20+ years of managing and securing data infrastructures in and out of the cloud, it's that visibility and control are key to success.

With Multi-Tenant Cloud, we bring this visibility and control back to you.

And you can create a truly robust hybrid multi-cloud strategy by combining our MTC platform with public cloud or traditional hosting models.

Let Aptum’s experts help you reimagine how you cloud.

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Let Aptum’s experts help you reimagine how you cloud.

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