Multi-Tenant Cloud

A virtual data center built to meet all your business needs

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Aptum’s Multi-Tenant Cloud is a powerful virtual data center environment built with data sovereignty needs and high performance in mind.

This cost-effective solution allows you to deploy virtual resources, including virtual machines and appliances on demand. Using consumption-based pricing, you pay only for what you use, scaling up and down as required, saving you significant money.

Features Tailored for Our Customers

Aptum leverages industry-leading technology solutions from VMware and Dell’s enterprise-grade hardware to build redundancies of critical components in the Multi-Tenant Cloud environment for continuous availability.

Regardless of your business size, Aptum’s Multi-Tenant Cloud (MTC) provides the following strategic features:

Hosting iconControl your cloud infrastructure Aptum’s Multi-Tenant Cloud allows you to provision and deploy virtual machines to build an IT environment customized to your business and operational needs.
Flexible design iconsFlexibility and scalability Using our APIs, you can drive scale through automation and meet fluctuating business and market needs.
Ideal location iconEnsure data sovereignty Aptum stores your data in the region where you deploy it, so you can be confident you're always meeting your data sovereignty needs.
Consumption billing iconEffective cost management Gain analytical insight into your solution to cost-optimize usage patterns and reduce operational expenses.
Certified and Reliable iconHigh reliability Multiple redundancies within the Multi-Tenant Cloud environment provide a highly reliable infrastructure with low latency.
24 x 7 monitoring  icon24/7/365 support Our accredited experts are on standby round-the-clock to address issues that may disrupt your business operations.

73% of the companies surveyed in our latest Cloud Impact Study had an unexpected increase in cloud computing IT costs. And a key solution to these cost leak issues is choosing the correct consumption model for your business.

Our consultative approach brings your multi-tenant cloud and infrastructure goals to reality faster and with no hidden barriers. Aptum's team can review and analyze your complex environment and create a straightforward, actionable roadmap for your business.

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Operational Benefits of Aptum's Multi-Tenant Cloud

Aptum’s Multi-Tenant Cloud is managed by our broad team of experts and is one of the only Multi-Tenant Clouds that comes with DDoS protection, 24/7 telephone support and a resilient managed infrastructure as standard. It also includes redundancy at the network, hypervisor, and storage subsystem levels and is based on industry-leading technology from VMware and enterprise-grade hardware by Dell.

  • Easily design, build, and operate a solution for your specific business needs by leveraging our 20+ years of expertise.
  • Take advantage of performance and cost flexibility with a choice of three storage tiers.
  • Guard against incidents and drive failures through multiple data protection tiers and SAN end-to-end encryption.
  • Tailor systems to your specific environment with a wide array of operating systems and templates.
  • Access to the API allowing the use of Infrastructure-as-Code and scripted solutions.
  • Meet your protection requirements by choosing which virtual machines to back up via a choice of data protection options.
  • Achieve data sovereignty needs with this regional private cloud service that spans the US, UK and Canada.
  • Secure your solution by defining and creating specific NAT and firewall rules to deny network traffic.
  • Comply with data protection regulations with comprehensive AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Save on costs with free-of-charge ingress and egress traffic.
  • Enjoy heightened security by analyzing environment activities through our dedicated client portal.
  • Relax with guaranteed service levels (refer to Product Terms for details).
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