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A Simpler Solution to Disaster Recovery

July 7, 2020Cloud

In today’s business environment, data plays an integral role in improving decision making, efficiency and productivity.

Organizations need to ensure their IT infrastructure won’t be compromised in the event of an unplanned outage. However, many businesses lack the internal expertise to implement their own disaster recovery solutions or don’t want to invest significant resources in a secondary site.

But even without internal resources, organizations can’t afford to ignore disaster recovery. According to research firm IDC, the amount of data generated globally will grow to 100 zettabytes (or one trillion gigabytes) by 2023. And much of that data will need to be protected. Yet a 2018 IDC study, found that as many as 50 percent of organizations could not survive a disaster event as a result of improper data protection and offsite staging, inadequate disaster recovery testing, or a lack of disaster recovery processes.

That’s why we recently introduced our next generation Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, allowing businesses to minimize the risk of IT service downtime from any type of disruption, including ransomware and malware, and focus instead on strategic priorities.

Our Managed DRaaS uses enterprise-grade replication technology to back up data in near real time and maintain operations to mitigate disruptions, planned or unplanned, such as misconfigurations, attacks or natural disasters. Data is protected offsite using the cloud so virtual machines (VMs) can be ordered and powered up on demand in the event of a failover. Of course, businesses are not all the same and DRaaS should always be customized to suit specific needs, such as using file-level restore or full or partial failover of systems.

For example, one of our customers needed disaster recovery solutions to accelerate their cloud-first strategy, reduce their DR cost and create more geodiversity between their production and DR sites. Using our DRaaS solution, they were able to replicate and migrate their key applications to the cloud, reduce their hardware costs by migrating data from multiple disk-based backup appliances to the cloud and achieve a recovery point objective of eight seconds.

Backup and recovery needs are unique to each business and it’s important to choose a partner that will work with you to build a managed DRaaS solution that meets your Business Continuity Plan objectives. Aptum’s Managed DRaaS allows customers to request file-level, partial, or full failover of their systems, backed by configuration and troubleshooting assistance from our team of experts, including 24×7 support, 365 days a year from service centers in North America and Europe.

Additional features of our DRaaS offering include:

  • Low Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – the measure of the maximum tolerable amount of data to lose in a failover – to protect the customer’s virtual production infrastructure
  • Allows point-in-time rollbacks to protect against malware and ransomware
  • Provides machine level, file level, partial or full restore
  • Offers non-disruptive failover testing for validation purposes
  • Provides ability to create dev/test environments using production data and software in an isolated and secure infrastructure
  • Offers a remote disaster recovery site without the up-front cost associated with a second infrastructure stack

Visit our complete recovery solution page to learn more about our Managed DRaaS solution.

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