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PRShots is the leading royalty-free online image library and digital asset management solution for fashion, beauty, food and home brands.

Based in the UK, PRShots provides their customers with a database of over 100,000 images, lookbooks, press releases and videos from hundreds of high-street and online brands.

With up to 50 predominantly remote employees, PRShots enables brands to boost their media coverage and get their images, press releases, and more in front of over 25,000 journalists, influencers, stylists and designers.

Business Challenge

  • Infrastructure upgrade
    One of the overall objectives of the project was to upgrade their infrastructure, putting them in the best place possible to prepare for new technical capabilities while reducing disruptions and improving IT stability.
  • Scalability, flexibility and agility
    PRShots lacked the ability to scale and meet demand from their continuous growth. Notably, they needed the flexibility and agility to react to and take advantage of emerging international markets.
  • Data sovereignty
    As PRShots evolve their business into international regions, it was imperative to maintain sovereignty of their data in specific regions.
  • Security
    Security is paramount for PRShots, not only to protect their environment against cyber threats, but also to ensure their environment meets best practice standards.

The Solution

  • Firstly, Aptum carried out an in depth Strategy and Planning Workshop. This included a detailed analysis of their existing environment and unearthed their motivations, key drivers and desired outcomes of moving to cloud.
  • In order to prepare a recommended solution design, the Aptum and PRShots teams collaborated on a Cloud Adoption Design & Architecture workshop, focusing on technical and security needs.
  • Aptum seamlessly migrated all workloads from our Portsmouth data centre into Azure UK South. And our Advisory & Consulting Services experts planned and rehosted all of PRshots’ Linux RedHat virtual servers into Azure and refactored SQL in MariaDB Galera Clusters.
  • Disaster Recovery services were implemented ensuring data is available 24/7. Also, in the event of a failover, virtual machines can be deployed on demand to eliminate potential disruptions and uptime SLAs are met.
  • Aptum Managed Services PRShots has chosen Aptum to manage their environment on an ongoing basis. They have opted for our top tier – Azure Premium Managed Service – to benefit from a host of services that will keep every aspect of their environment maximised.

As fast as you want it to be. As reliable as you need it to be. A broad spectrum of managed services for servers, storage, databases, commerce and business applications. Backed by Aptum’s 24/7 expert support. We transformed business for PRShots, what can we do for you?

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