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Aptum Announces Multi-Tenant Cloud Solution Providing Data Residency, Effective Cost Management and High Performance for Businesses of All Sizes

February 28, 2023

Available in US, UK and Canada, new private cloud service solution helps organizations address compliance and data sovereignty needs

TORONTO, ON (February 28th, 2023): Aptum, a hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider, today announced the launch of Multi-Tenant Cloud (MTC), a powerful virtual data center solution providing the ability to deploy virtual machines, virtual appliances, and other services in a multi-tenant environment using a consumption-based billing model.

Aptum’s MTC was designed with today’s businesses’ in mind, regardless of their size. Available in the US, UK, and Canada, the new private cloud service ensures an organization’s data is stored in the region where they’ve deployed it, thereby meeting compliance and data sovereignty requirements. Additionally, it offers high levels of resiliency and assists with controlling costs.

“For many organizations on a path to digital transformation, compliance and data residency requirements have been problematic,” said Susan Bowen, CEO and President of Aptum Group. “Additionally, running workloads in a public infrastructure isn’t simple; organizations need to consider performance, cost predictability, data security, among other areas. Our MTC solution directly addresses those needs and offers our customers a secure, cost-effective cloud solution. By combining Aptum’s MTC with public cloud or traditional hosting models, organizations will have the ability to develop a truly robust hybrid multi-cloud strategy. We’re excited about this new solution as we continue to support organizations through their cloud journey, ensuring their deployments support their business needs.”

Aptum’s MTC portal enables customers to deploy virtual data centers, appliances and machines, as well as services, all through one simple-to-use interface.

Aptum leverages industry-leading technology solutions from VMware and enterprise-grade hardware from Dell to ensure continuous availability by building redundancies of critical components in the MTC cloud environment. Other key features of the solution include:

  • Control of the cloud infrastructure: Aptum’s MTC enables customers to provision and deploy virtual machines to build an IT environment tailored to their specific business and operational requirements
  • Effective cost management: Analytical insight provides organizations with the opportunity to optimize costs based on usage patterns, while reducing operating expenses
  • Flexibility and scalability: Organizations are able to rapidly scale through automation — leveraging APIs ­­— in order to meet demand as business needs and the market fluctuates
  • High reliability: With multiple redundancies included in the MTC environment — including at the network, hypervisor, and storage subsystem levels — organizations are provided with a highly reliable infrastructure with low latency
  • 24/7/365 live support: Aptum’s accredited experts are available live at any time ­to speak with customers live to immediately provide support and address any issues

In addition to supporting Aptum customers, MTC is a new opportunity for the company’s partners who can now offer this high-performance cloud solution under their own brand to clients. This provides Aptum partners the opportunity to expand their business with existing and new customers.

Aptum’s MTC is available now in the US, UK, and Canada. For more details about the solution, please visit www.aptum.com/services/private-cloud/multi-tenant-cloud.

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Aptum is a hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider delivering complex, high-performance cloud solutions with an integrated secure network. Using its Data As Infrastructure™ approach, Aptum solves complex technology challenges with total solutions and tailored options that drive tangible business outcomes and maximize the value of its clients’ technology investments. Aptum’s cloud and global network solutions, underpinned with expert managed and professional services, offer genuine choice and adaptability with an international reach spanning North America, Latin America, Europe and the United Kingdom. Aptum is a portfolio company of DigitalBridge, a global investment firm dedicated to strategic opportunities in digital infrastructure. For more information, visit www.aptum.com.

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