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Aptum Corporate Update Regarding COVID-19


 September 13, 2021

Aptum is actively monitoring the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our staff, our customers, our communities, and all of those with whom we work remain of utmost importance.

We are continuing to operate and support our customers through the execution of our continuity plans. We have made adjustments to our corporate resources and adapted our policies and procedures to allow our business operations to remain flexible to the evolving global situation.

Our Aptum COVID-19 Response Team continues to meet on a regular basis to perform risk assessments to ensure that any business impact is identified, and actions are taken to mitigate those risks.

We have also made significant efforts to make our facilities COVID-19 secure through implementation of safety protocols such as deploying sanitizing stations, distancing measures, posted guidelines, mask mandates, and symptom self-screening in some locations.

We encourage our data center customers to remember the following:

  • Please leverage remote work capabilities to reduce the number of visits to the data center. Aptum’s Smart Hands & Eyes service is available to customers
  • Please self-assess prior to coming to site. If you are feeling unwell, please DO NOT visit the data center.
  • If you are on-site, please follow all local data center guidelines regarding masks, physical distancing and safety hygiene.

Please visit this page for any future updates regarding Aptum’s response to COVID-19 or please contact your account representative with any specific inquiries.

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