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Aptum Launches Managed DevOps Service Powered by CloudOps to Simplify and Streamline Application Development


 May 28, 2020

New hybrid multi-cloud platform service allows customers to boost speed of application delivery and digital transformation

TORONTO, ON – May 28, 2020Aptum, a global hybrid cloud and managed services provider, today launched its Managed DevOps Service in partnership with CloudOps, a cloud consulting and professional services company specializing in DevOps. The Managed DevOps Service offers a cloud-based DevOps platform that allows customers to automate their development pipelines and reduce application delivery times. Customers are also provided with hands-on training on DevOps practices and tools so they can succeed. Through this offering, customers gain access to two highly sought-after skillsets – DevOps and Kubernetes – allowing teams to focus on developing applications without having to worry about navigating the complexity of the DevOps ecosystem alone or the operations of their DevOps platform.

“DevOps is crucial to organizational innovation and digital transformation,” said Craig Tavares Aptum’s Global Head of Cloud. “We’re excited to be working with CloudOps, an innovator in DevOps services, to enable customers to streamline their application development process and help them unlock the potential of their data as infrastructure.”

The Managed DevOps Service from Aptum is a fully managed stack, running on cloud infrastructure. It can be deployed over Aptum’s managed private cloud, Azure, AWS and GCP. The service is based on a Kubernetes container orchestration system, which automates the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.

“We are looking forward to working with Aptum to help organizations leverage DevOps tools and platforms to accelerate their application development and deployment,” said Marc Paré, Chief Commercial Officer for CloudOps. “The combination of our DevOps platform expertise and Aptum’s hybrid multi-cloud capabilities will allow customers to implement a powerful, flexible DevOps platform that can be delivered over a hyperscale cloud, a private cloud or a combination of multiple clouds.”

Aptum’s Managed DevOps Service solves several common DevOps challenges for customers:

  • Speeds up application development times
  • Avoids costs and time involved in hiring and retaining DevOps platform talent
  • Multi-cloud support enables agile and flexible deployments
  • Supports hyperscale and private clouds, allowing companies to choose the most cost-effective option
  • Customizable deployment of the data and control plane to comply with data sovereignty regulations

The Managed DevOps Service is available immediately to customers in North America, United Kingdom and Europe. Additional details can be found on Aptum’s Managed DevOps page.

About CloudOps
CloudOps is a cloud consulting, managed services, and software company focused on open source, cloud native platforms, networking, and DevOps. Launched in 2005 to meet the infrastructure needs of software-focused organizations, CloudOps has grown steadily and organically from an operations managed services shop to a leader in cloud computing, cloud networking, and DevOps solutions. The services we provide help customers use, build, and deliver cloud platforms, with an emphasis on operational success and networking connectivity. For more information, visit www.cloudops.com.

About Aptum Technologies
Aptum Technologies enables customers to unlock the potential of their data infrastructure to drive tangible business outcomes and maximize the value of their technology investments. Aptum’s Data Center, Cloud, Hosting and Global Network solutions, underpinned with expert Managed and Professional Services, offer genuine choice and adaptability combined with international reach spanning North America, Latin America, Europe and the United Kingdom. Aptum is a portfolio company of Digital Colony, a global investment firm dedicated to strategic opportunities in digital infrastructure. For more information, visit www.aptum.com.

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