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DDoS attacks are on the rise and constantly evolving

Protection that can be engaged instantaneously in the event of an attack, that is based on a global infrastructure with intelligent mitigation strategies and, most importantly does not impact normal business is a must.

The challenge is to choose a solution that can address ever-increasing attack volumes with a variety of proven mitigation techniques for application layer, volumetric and protocol incidents.

Aptum’s Network DDoS Protection, powered by Imperva, is designed for organizations that need to protect up to entire Class C ranges of IP addresses against DDoS attacks. It can mitigate very large volumetric and advanced DDoS assaults that target any type of Internet protocol or network infrastructure – including HTTP/S, SMTP, FTP, VoIP and others.

Aptum’s Networks DDoS Protection can manage any size, type or duration of attack with near-zero latency.

Aggressive, always-on Protection
Network DDoS Protection protects IT assets from network layer 3 and 4 volumetric attacks designed to consume all available network bandwidth or attempting to overwhelm networking gear.
Fastest Attack Mitigation
Network DDoS Protection is always-on, automatically blocking layer 3 and 4 volumetric attacks and does not require you to notify Aptum that you are under attack.
High-Capacity Network
The global network that powers Aptum’s Network DDoS Protection holds six terabits per second (Tbps) of scrubbing capacity and can process 65 billion attack packets per second.

Part 2 of our 2022 Cloud Impact Study revealed that 48% of firms invest in the cloud for improved data protection.

Aptum offers an industry-first three-second DDoS mitigation SLA for identified attacks of any size or duration. Schedule an appointment to see how Aptum can help you eliminate DDoS attacks, deliver business continuity and protect your brand, customers and revenues.

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Protect, Respond and Recover

Comprehensive protection against any disruption and resilience to quickly respond and recover.

red monitoring iconReal time monitoring and attack notifications
hybrid solutions iconSolutions to mitigate very large volumetric and advanced DDoS assaults that target any type of Internet protocol or network infrastructure
red bots iconDDoS protection and defense against malicious bot activity

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