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Web Application security is a growing concern

The area of Web Application security is a growing concern for enterprise organizations. Half of all cyber attacks are directed at web applications and that rate is increasing. Factors such as the rise of cloud computing, use of open source technologies, the increase in data processing requirements, complexity of web applications and an increase in the overall sophistication level of attackers has led to an extremely challenging environment for IT security leadership.

As a result, it is more important than ever to protect online applications.

Aptum Enterprise Grade Web Application Firewall is designed to address today’s cyber security principles of global distribution, optimized performance, scalable architecture, and adaptive learning.

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) creates an IP shield around web applications and provides protection against all methods of web application attack.

Always-on Protection
Aptum WAF is fully managed, always-on protection against an array of attacks of data and all paths to it.
Available DDoS Attack Mitigation
Automated DDoS attack protection at the network layers as well as Basic DDoS Protection is available.
Security at the Edge
Security begins “at the edge” of the network so that only desired traffic is received.

44% of the surveyed executives in our 2022 Cloud Impact study cited data privacy and security as top challenges in their transformation projects.

The firewall guards against both known and unknown application attacks and offers insights for quicker recovery. Talk to one of our experts to learn how Aptum can empower you to face new cybersecurity challenges.

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Protection, Performance and Analytics

Web Application Firewall platform and managed service ensures the protection of web applications and sites while providing full analytics.

lock security iconDDoS Attack Mitigation
hybrid cloud iconReal-time updates to Site Activity
cloud platforms iconIncludes Access to CDN
data protection iconDetailed attack analytics
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