Security and Data Protection

Trust our multi-level security and data protection services to keep your critical data safe

There is no silver bullet when it comes to protecting your critical data and your business.

A diverse, multi-layered approach is what makes the difference between a preventative security strategy able to counter threats before they impact you, and a reactive plan restricted to damage limitation.

Aptum’s flexible suite of security and compliance services enable you to detect threats, correct vulnerabilities and protect your infrastructure, giving you the peace of mind to carry on with what is important, running your business.

Level 1 – Physical Security
Our data centers are protected with robust physical security including CCTV, biometric access controls and on-site guards. Multiple, diverse power feeds and onsite backup generators, fully redundant cooling systems and cutting-edge fire suppression give you complete peace of mind that your critical data is protected and secure.
Level 2 – Network and Application Protection

Infrastructure Protection – with an extensive suite of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and application protection solutions built on cutting-edge technology you can rest assured that layers 3 through to 7 of your infrastructure are protected against incoming attacks.

Firewalls - Aptum deploys the latest range of Juniper SRX Firewalls to stand as the first line of defense in your network protection, ensuring complete isolation of your solution. Our engineers and support teams will work with you to apply the specific firewall rules required by your applications.

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) – With half of all cyber-attacks directed at web applications and with that rate increasing, the need to protect your online applications is more important than ever. Our cutting-edge WAFs create a protective shield around your web applications and provide IP protection to ensure you are fully protected against all methods of web application attack.

Level 3 - Intrusion Detection and Threat Prevention

Threat Management – Our Threat Manager technology, powered by market leader Alert Logic, is designed to identify suspicious activity in network traffic and rapidly identify threats so that you can respond. It is continually updated to keep ahead of emerging threats and changing attack vectors, so you can rest assured you will always have the most cutting-edge protection in place.

Incident Management - Our Log Manager service, also powered by Alert Logic, collects, aggregates and normalizes log data whether it originates in your own data center, a hosted environment or the cloud. It gives you a powerful interface with a unified view into all your data so you can rapidly identify the insight and alerts you need to remain secure and compliant.

Antivirus - Best in class anti-virus protection from McAfee to detect and remove malware and viruses from your solution before they can do any harm.

Data Encryption – Maintaining all elements of your security service is essential and we offer SSL certificates from Comodo, Digicert and Geotrust to make sure you are covered end-to-end.

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