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If you drive revenue through online channels, user experience, website performance and security are vital.

Creating and managing an eCommerce website requires careful planning, thorough execution and trusted technical expertise. You need to deliver consistently fast page loading, match infrastructure resources to seasonal demand and always keep on top of compliance.

Aptum helps you achieve all of this and more by providing end-to-end eCommerce hosting solutions that give you the high performance, ultra-secure, lightning-speed platform to power your online revenue strategy.

We build and manage hosting solutions for all major eCommerce platforms including Magento and Hybris. Aptum data centers are equipped to comply with PCI Security Standards Council’s standards so you can handle sensitive payment data with full confidence.

We understand that eCommerce excellence relies on more than the online store. Our experts can design holistic solutions to provide infrastructure for warehouse management systems, CRM applications and other back-office technology, backup and DR requirements as well as the connectivity services to ensure rapid, secure data transfer.

Always on
Delivering consistent and fast page loading is a must because a poor user experience or downtime equals lost revenue. We keep eCommerce sites running at peak performance by designing resilient solutions, building in redundancy, DR and DDoS protection, and have experts on hand 24/7 to help you troubleshoot.
Unwavering performance
Ensuring that your applications are running at peak performance with faster page loads, high-performance levels during traffic spike in peak seasons is critical. Our high-performance network with multiple geographically dispersed points of presence and optional CDN, ensures that customers never abandon your shopping cart because of poor site performance.
Our experienced systems engineers provide expertise to ensure you have the ability to scale your solutions to meet peak demand and optimize as you need it. They work with you to define eCommerce platform, design and management strategies that will allow you to provide amazing retail experiences that bring your revenue to strategy to profitable fruition.
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