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With unprecedented data volumes growing exponentially and rapid increases in the devices accessing that data, efficient yet high-performance storage is a critical requirement of businesses today.

Aptum’s approach to meeting your storage requirements is both a straightforward and effective one: whether you need data archiving or Disaster Recovery with an RTO in minutes, we can match the right system to meet your requirements no matter what they may be. No lock into specific technologies and a focus on balancing efficiency and with performance to meet your specific business needs.

SolidFire All-Flash SAN: Agile and Scalable
All-Flash SAN delivers unrivaled performance, reliability and efficiency. Consolidate: reduce complexity while lowering cost by consolidating mission-critical applications into a single storage platform.
Automate: easy integration of your infrastructure by using All-Flash SAN Storage increases productivity.
Scale: Whether you need 200 GB or a Petabyte of storage you can easily scale your storage resources to suit you your business demands.
Custom-designed scalability for maximum efficiency
Aptum storage servers are highly scalable with multiple drive sizes available to choose from. We right-size a solution in order not to oversize the amount of memory or processing power required for the job.
Expertise you can trust
Work with storage experts from the architecture and design of your solution to the ongoing management, monitoring and 24/7 support.

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