Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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The demand for a near-instantaneous response has never been greater – be it from the website, mobile apps, APIs, games, video or music.

Failure to meet this demand can result in poor experiences for customers and lower productivity among your teams.

Leveraging Limelight Networks technology, Aptum’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) places your content in multiple network locations worldwide – ultimately closer to your end user customers and content consumers.

Our delivery centers are connected by a private, fiber-optic internet network and linked directly with more than 700 user access networks hosted around the world, giving you the reach, performance and resilience you need.

Global reach
Leveraging Limelight Networks technology means we can deliver Instant, global accessibility from a dedicated, private fiber-optic network, removing the latency and security issues faced with solutions that rely on the public internet.
Meet peak demand
Massive scalability and built-in intelligence to make dynamic decisions on content delivery means consistency across any device or location, even under challenging network conditions during peak demand.
Trusted network expertise
Work with our architect team to achieve rapid cloud CDN deployment and configuration, and benefit from 24/7 support and monitoring.
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