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Create a fast, dedicated and secure cloud connection to multiple cloud providers

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As more and more enterprises take advantage of the agility, scalability, speed, and cost benefits of cloud computing, reliable access to the public cloud is critical. Using the public internet to connect to such vital services is unstable and ridden with unpredictable latencies and packet loss.

Aptum Cloud Connect gives you a private, high performance and totally secure connection between multiple clouds, your data centers and your users.

Eliminate uncertainties typically associated with the public internet such as security, availability, throughput, and unpredictable latency by using a dedicated connection to your cloud applications.

Cloud Connect can deliver efficient, low latency connections to the following platforms:

  • Amazon Web Services (Direct Connect)
  • Microsoft Azure(Express Route)
  • SAP
  • Google Cloud (GCI)
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce (Express Connect)
  • ServiceNow
Dedicated connection to multiple clouds
Aptum offers secured and dedicated connections via cloud exchanges with both dedicated port and shared access port options.
Secure your cloud environment
Eliminate internet vulnerabilities by creating a 100% private IP network and office cloud.
Cloud expertise
Solution engineers on hand to design the cloud connectivity you need, plus comprehensive 24/7 support backed by an industry-leading SLA with 99.999% core network availability.
Manage cloud costs
Reduce outbound cloud charges associated with public Internet.
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