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Enterprise bandwidth demand is on the rise globally, driven by the explosion of data-driven applications, which can strain your legacy networks.

Aptum’s IP VPN service enables you to build an any-to-any IP VPN secure network over a single fiber access, using MPLS network architecture. We enable you to prioritize and direct traffic through a reliable and secure connection which can scale globally.

Cost-effective, flexible and easy to administer, our MPLS delivers:

High performance
Our MPLS core network architecture is designed for optimal performance of mission and business-critical applications your employees depend on.
Enjoy dedicated bandwidth on a dedicated network instead of taking risks on non-guaranteed IPsec VPN tunnels over the Internet.
Geographic reach
With a diverse network of access to over 48,000 km of fiber routes and access to over 1,500 on-net buildings, our network gives you global reach.
Superior customer experience
Our technical experts are your single point of contact for all your connectivity needs. 24/7/365 support, backed by a rock-solid Service Level Agreement.
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