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How to stay ahead in the competitive AdTech market

August 28, 2019Insights and Outlooks

The AdTech market has seen an influx of new providers and a wave of consolidations.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for speed – the margin of success in securing desired ad placements is measured in milliseconds. AdTech companies continue to refine their technology and delivery capabilities to get an edge on their competitors. And as the competition gets tougher, these companies need to ensure their infrastructure is as nimble as possible to deliver prime placements for their customers. Below are three factors AdTech companies should consider when looking for the ideal technology partner.

A global, low latency, fiber network

Network speed is a priority for any company competing in the AdTech market. A global fiber network that encompasses all key markets around the world is a must. AdTech firms should also select providers with in-house network resources that can be dedicated to improving network backbone performance.

Peering agreements with the major ad exchanges are also a key consideration to ensure as little network latency as possible. Geographic proximity lowers latency by a significant amount, so companies want to be able to house their equipment close to the hosting locations of the exchanges they work with.

A hybrid approach to infrastructure

Every company has different needs depending on factors such as geography, transaction volume, and application requirements. Industry partners should be agnostic when it comes to working with cloud providers and technologies, such as hosting, connectivity and data center, allowing partners to build an end-to-end solution that’s tailored to the specific needs of a client. AdTech companies must be able to analyze and execute quickly on big data workloads, so having an infrastructure partner who consistently integrates best in breed emerging technologies and services is critical.

An experienced AdTech team

It’s not hard for Adtech to find a technology partner that’s knowledgeable about networking, data center technology, and hosting. It’s more difficult to find one that understands the industry and its specific needs.

For example, the laws around personally identifiable information (PII) are changing around the world. Those changes impact what information AdTech companies can collect, how they’re able to retain that information, and actions they need to take if PII is compromised. A partner who stays current on the PII regulations in different countries, regions and states can help customers avoid unwittingly breaking the law.

Change is constant in the AdTech world. New players are emerging, network technology is evolving, and the regulations around PII are constantly in flux. It’s a lot to keep track of. But by seeking knowledgeable partners like Aptum, companies can focus on what they do best — growing revenues and delivering solid results for their customers.

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