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Managed Private Cloud Services

Evolve your business with Aptum Managed Private Cloud

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Digital transformation, innovation, and efficiency start with Aptum Managed Private Cloud.

Success in today's dynamic market demands your business act with agility, security, and scalability. Alone, that’s a difficult task. But burdened by the need to manage complex, disparate IT infrastructures, it becomes impossible.

Aptum Managed Private Cloud delivers a secure, dedicated cloud IT environment tailored to helping you overcome your business challenges. With Aptum as your IT partner, we help you identify and select the cloud technology that best fits your requirements and teams.

And whether Aptum’s data center or your own, self-service platform or our advanced API infrastructure—with Aptum, the choice is yours.

Drive business performance with private cloud capabilities.

Aptum Managed Private Cloud can help your organization:

Enhance cost visibility

Streamline operations

Reduce IT overhead

Focus on your strategic initiatives

Scale your environment’s resources on-demand

Safeguard customer, partner, and proprietary data from cyberthreats

Ensure fast, seamless business continuity no matter what happens

Navigate your industry’s most stringent regulatory requirements

Enhance application performance by migrating your existing applications to—or developing new ones on—Aptum Managed Private Cloud

Self-service your platform or let API infrastructure orchestration automate your cloud operations

Private cloud from Aptum experts, designed for you

Amidst an ever-changing IT landscape, you need managed infrastructure experts to have your back.

Aptum tailors and manages cloud solutions to fit your exact needs, so you don’t have to. Leverage advanced private cloud technologies like VMware, Apache CloudStack, OpenStack, and Kuberneteswithout the complexity or sacrificing control of your environment—and extends it to hyperscalers for additional on-demand resources.

Out of the box, your tailored cloud infrastructure can improve your organization’s:

Infrastructure configurability

Control your environment customization, so you always have what you need.

Performance and efficiency

Consistent resource availability and business continuity for your mission-critical applications.

Security and compliance

Ensure your entire organization consistently meets your IT leaders’ cloud security needs and your industry’s compliance requirements with your specifically designed solution.

Redundancy and resiliency

Ensure redundancy and resiliency with solutions that feature any extra host configurations needed.

Disaster recovery

Meet your business’ recovery point and time objectives (RPOs/RTOs) with flexible recovery options like disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

Path to hyperscale

Enjoy faster networking speeds and greater hybrid cloud flexibility, both crucial in modernizing your applications and solutions enabling your journey to connecting with hyperscalers like AWS.

Reimagine how you cloud with Aptum.

Our purpose-built private cloud solutions put your business at the heart of everything. We consult with your leaders to discover what is and isn’t working with your IT environment and tailor the solution that’s right for you.

Our unique approach to private cloud design:

Brings in-demand cloud skills and expertise needed to run virtualized environments and cloud orchestration layers at scale as we handle your cloud operations while you focus on solving the business problems only you can.

Delivers cloud transformation by leveraging decades of digital transformation experience to help you transition your business from fully physical to your private cloud.

Enables seamless multi-cloud to make navigating hybrid multi-cloud strategies a thing of the past as our simplified multi-cloud control panel brings clarity to all your business operations.

Provides transparent costs via comprehensive visibility into how your entire organization uses IT resources.

Delivers streamlined IT compliance as our IT compliance experts determine how to operate private cloud to consistently achieve your specific compliance goals.

Two colleagues discussing business strategies. One is holding an iPad and the other has her laptop on her lap.

Bring private cloud to your business, your way.

Learn more from one of our managed private cloud experts about how a tailored Aptum Managed Private Cloud solution powered by leading cloud technologies can benefit your organization.