The Modernization Minefield

Has the time to retire on-premises arrived?

Aptum's cloud impact study report

An aggressive top-down approach to cloud adoption may side-line the original recovery objectives and cause leaders to overlook critical strategies and technologies that are integral to modernization.

Part 4 of the Study -- The Modernization Minefield -- highlights these tools and techniques while evaluating organizations’ decisions to host certain workloads in different environments. Finally, the report reveals how CIOs and IT teams can optimize their workloads in alignment with their business objectives.

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The Aptum Cloud Impact Study surveyed and reports on the experiences and opinions of 400 senior IT professionals in the US, Canada and UK. It crosses the financial services, IT, technology, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, public and commercial sectors. The Study provides valuable insights for organizations in the planning stages, or those well down the road on a cloud transformation. View All Parts of the Report

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