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Adam Matthew Digital is an academic publisher based in the United Kingdom. It has been an independent subsidiary of SAGE Publications since 2012. The company specialises in online primary source databases and curated collections for the humanities and social sciences.

Adam Matthew Digital has been in partnership with Aptum for several years, first starting its engagement back in July 2010 when Adam Matthew Digital was starting to significantly expand its product portfolio. As the number and type of products and services expanded, so too did their need for managed hosting. They chose Aptum to replace their incumbent provider who was unable to provide the company with the expert time and tailored approach they needed for business growth and product expansion.

As a global hybrid multi-cloud managed service provider, Aptum was able to deliver complex and tailored solutions across a fully managed, high-performance network. With its extensive knowledge of both hybrid and multi-cloud hosting services, Aptum was able to provide the right support for Adam Matthew Digital and help them unlock their full potential as a business.

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