Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Detect, Correct and Protect.

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No level of investment prevents or blocks 100% of attacks.

The number, intensity, and sophistication of cyber attacks continues to increase every year. This unceasing rise in malicious cyber activity has paralleled the mushrooming volume of data along with the expansive growth of a typical enterprise’s attack surface.

Overcoming and subduing these new threats requires more sophisticated, tenacious, comprehensive and integrated solutions.

Aptum partners with Alert Logic, whose MDR solution is the industry’s first Managed Detection and Response offering. Aptum and Alert Logic security experts will work closely with you to understand your needs and give you the flexibility to choose the most appropriate level of protection for each of your assets, ensuring you have optimal security coverage for your business that balances risk and investment.

To cut through the complexity of selecting the right level of protection, we offer three packages of MDR: Essentials, Professional and Enterprise.

MDR Essentials
24/7 vulnerability and asset visibility, scanning, with extended endpoint detection and response.
MDR Professional
All of the protection of MDR Essentials plus more comprehensive protection with 24/7 managed threat detection and incident management.
MDR Enterprise
Taking MDR Professional to the next level MDR Enterprise is the most comprehensive offering providing a designated security expert for individualized protection and is purpose built to protect your highest risk assets.

Protect your entire IT estate 24/7

Managed Detection and Response give you always-on vigilance and the ability to take action rapidly

Comprehensive protection that can span cloud, data center, network, systems, applications and end points.
Hybrid multi-cloud defense – secure your Azure, AWS, private cloud, data center environments with a single solution.
Safeguards tailored to each asset ensuring the right coverage and desired security outcome.
24/7 Security Operation Center in place to analyse your environment, triage anomalies, escalate and remediate, allowing to you meet threats with speed and precision.

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