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Meeting compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA or GDPR is critical to sustaining customer trust, meet regulatory requirements and ensure critical personal data is 100% secure. However, it can be complex, time-consuming and costly.

Aptum’s experienced hosting teams help customers to understand specific regulatory demands and configure solutions to meet the requirements of standards such as  PCI or HIPAA as efficiently as possible. What’s more, our teams can assist with reporting and audit requirements to meet compliance requirements, easing the burden on your internal teams.

From network, compute and storage to high-touch managed security, Aptum’s Compliant Hosting Solutions enable you to rapidly respond to business demands, improve operational efficiency, enhance security and compliance, and better control your business’s costs.

PCI-DSS Compliance
Aptum data centers, systems and processes have been designed to meet the stringent security requirements of the PCI DSS standards. Combined with our experience building high-performance eCommerce infrastructure this makes Aptum the ideal place to host critical online payment workloads. From hardened OS builds, firewall configurations and intrusion detection to physical access control and audited processes you can have 100% confidence payment card data is completely secure.
Reduce your compliance burden
Aptum architects and support teams will work with you at every step on your compliance journey. From the initial consultation to understand specific regulatory demands, through solution design, handover, migration, ongoing system management and optimization, plus 24/7 expert support we can ease the compliance burden on your internal teams.
Security baked into every solution as standard
Ensuring utmost protection of critical data is completely fundamental to every solution we design, spanning the physical hardware, operating systems and network as well as management systems and processes. Our security options offer DDoS protection, firewalls and WAFs, and intrusion detection and correction. In addition to PCI-DSS compliance, we are annually audited for SOC 1 Type II compliance and are signed up to the US-EU Privacy Shield standards giving you total peace of mind your data could not be in safer hands.

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